My Blog for the Past 3 Months…

With having this blog of mine for 3 months, I have written 8 blog posts, some were harder than others because I didn’t know what to write about or how to even start the post. All of my posts were off the challenge but I had 3 that had to do with school. For my own interests I had 4 that were about my interests and future self. I didn’t get any comments on my posts. Part of that was my fault because I didn’t have a whole bunch of time to explore other peoples blogs and tell them to look at mine either. I also didn’t have too many visitors on my blog. Those would be two major things I am disappointed in myself for. I think the post I enjoyed the most would have to be the one about my grandpa because he means so much to me and I am so happy that he is bound to stay a little longer with us, I couldn’t really be any happier with his progress at this moment. But if it wasn’t that one that I enjoyed the most the other one would have to be my future, my future is very important to me and I want it to be a memorable one, one that I can tell my kids later on how I succeeded in life. During this time of writing I did not change my theme at all, I was happy with the one I had. I only have one widget, I definitely think I should’ve done at least one more but possibly two. I have no overseas kids on my blogroll. I am happy with my writing during these 3 months but if I could change anything I would have visited more blogs other than my classmates and let other people know about my blog to come visit. I also would’ve added more people to my blogroll and added a couple more widgets also. Other than that, I had a great time getting to write about things I have never thought about writing about before, thank you for this experience Mrs. W, and to my teacher.

My Nomination Goes To…

My nomination  is going to Audrianna, I chose Audrianna to nominate because all of her blogs I can tell she has put a lot of thought and detail into it. She chooses many great things to blog about and makes them interesting for the reader. I also chose her because of the way her blog is set up. It’s very easy to find her blogs that she writes. I especially like her post about her future, that one definitely hit me. I finally understand now what we should appreciate, and why. Audrianna I think is a very talented young lady. I am not just saying this because I know her personally but just by reading her blogs you can tell they come from the heart. She is very inspirational and I think you guys reading this should go check out her blog immediately. To see her blog go to this link,

Keep blogging your amazing stuff Audrianna!

My Future Dreams

As a 7th grader in middle school it’s pretty hard for me to decide what I would like to do with my life, and what I want my future to look like. At the moment I am figuring out what’s best for my life. I just decided to move up in my softball career, so that I can be ready for high school ball and hopefully get a chance to play with my sister as a freshman, I also did the same with my basketball career too. I want what’s best for me even if that means leaving my old teams to become a better athlete.

I haven’t quite made up my mind about colleges yet, but I hope to go to either Stanford University, University of Oregon, or University of Arizona. They’re all great colleges, I hope to succeed to go to one of these schools. They all have great sports programs and education. Which is perfect for me because I’m both athletic and smart, which you don’t see all the time.

I know I am still young and all but when I get to the right age I hope to marry an amazing guy and start a family. I absolutely love kids, and even if taking care of them is a hard thing to do I will definitely take the risk of having to deal with it! I have a little experience already. I have a family friend who does daycare and I used to go over there all the time and bond with the kids and play with them. I also babysit my little cousins, they are the ages of 4 and 2. I am already getting a little experience just as a 7th grader. When I grow older I hope I get the chance to become an amazing, and loving mother.

As of now, I do not know what I wish to be when I grow up. I have considered becoming a teacher because I adore kids and enjoy school. I’m not sure if that will be the right decision for me though. I have also thought about becoming a babysitter or doing daycare. Once again, because I love kids. I honestly have so much time to think about all these life decisions of mine but in the end I hope I can do something with kids and do what’s right for my life.


School is great place to be a lot of times, get away from your parents, and just get to talk to your friends. I may not be excited all the time to come to school, by saying that I mean that it takes me a while to get the urge to actually get out of bed in the morning for school. It depends on the day, but, I normally get up between 6:00-7:00. The first thing I do when I get up is get dressed, then I do my hair. After I do my hair I eat breakfast, I either have a banana, yogurt, granola bar, or toast. After I eat I brush my teeth, get my backpack together, do my make up, then I leave. I either get to school walking or getting a ride from one of my parents. I can get to school walking within 10 minutes, but when I get a ride it takes about 2-3 minutes.

When lunch time comes at school I normally enjoy eating, a sandwich, bagel, yogurt, granola bar, applesauce, and a little treat. In school my four main classes that I have to take are LA (language arts), SS (social studies), Math, and Science. Then my other classes are electives, my two electives are PE, and I am also a TA (teachers assistant) in the office. In our school the technology we use is iPads, and computers.

A typical schoolday for me starts at 8:20. My first class of the day is LA, and SS that class goes from 8:20-10:12. Then we have a break and go into flex our break is from 10:12-10:17. Flex starts at 10:17 and goes until lunch at 11:02. Lunch goes from 11:02-11:32. My next two classes are my electives. But first we get a break. From 11:32-11:37. The first one is from 11:37-12:19. Then we have another break. From 12:19-12:25. Our second elective is from 12:25-1:06. Then another break, from 1:06-1:11. Math and Science are next, from 1:11-3:05, and that’s the end of our school day. During our breaks we get 5 minutes just to socialize with friends and get our books and other things we need for our next class. After school depending on the time of the year during school you can do after school sports like, basketball, volleyball, track, etc. But if you aren’t doing a sport you go outside to meet your bus, parents, or you walk home. That is a normal school day for me and my peers.

I know many schools around the same area of mine that wear school uniforms, ours however does not have to. School isn’t my favorite thing I do admit but when I am at school the thing I enjoy most is working in the office and getting to socialize with friends. If I could improve my school, I would say we could have better equipment, and maybe we could start having school dances every once in a while. I enjoy my school just the way it is. The teachers that come with it also.

Chances for Leadership

While in school a lot of people may think there’s no way for you to be a leader. When I think about being a leader means there is a person who leads or commands the group, organization, or country. When you’re in elementary school you have the chance to be a line leader, you get to lead the class wherever they are going. Elementary school is really hard place to be a leader but when you get into middle school and high school you have a lot more opportunities to become a leader.

In middle school you can be a leader for your school team for whatever sport you play. When I was playing volleyball for my school I was normally one of the first people to be out of the locker room, dressed and ready to set up the volleyball nets. I also played basketball for the school too. Our school in 7th and 8th grade your grades get mixed for sports. So our athletic director thinks that the 8th graders should be the leaders because they are older and more responsible. But I told myself that isn’t true. So I took responsibility and I lead stretches, got the basketballs out, and sometimes set up the radio. Not always does the older kids have to be more responsible, you just need to take control. Another way to become a leader is to be a self manager, get your badge and go on walks for your lunch up to a shopping center. I have been a self manager ever since the 2nd quarter when we started the applications to be one. Sometimes you don’t just have to have a title just make sure you are showing that you are one.


Softball is my passion. It’s my life, my favorite sport ever! I play shortstop, I used to be a pitcher also, but I liked shortstop a lot more so I decided to be more committed on that side of the field. I play on the 14u Oregon Reign. I love watching softball also. My sister plays on Thurston High School Jv team. She’s a pitcher and a first baseman, and also my idol. I’ve also learned to enjoy watching college softball. Especially the Oregon Ducks! A lot more things go on in college that doesn’t in high school. My other idol is Jennie Finch. She played for USA. She was a pitcher, and now as she is done playing softball. I am using her tools. One being the “Finch Windmill”. It helps with your pitching (for my sister), and throwing (for me). At home my dad also made me and my sister a hitting line. We have a lot of great ways to practice when the weather is bad.

I have been playing softball since I was about 5. I started playing baseball first but I played on an all girls team with  bunch of my friends that I still go to school with. We were the only all girl team in the league. We never won any games but we tried our hardest and knew we always did great! I actually quit doing gymnastics for baseball/softball. I am glad I chose softball over gymnastics. I definitely enjoy softball better. It is most likely something I might take professional.

I have a lot of big dreams involving this sport of mine. I hope one day I can make these dreams become reality, and achieve all my goals as a shortstop in softball.


Memories of Grandpa

One good memory of my grandpa would have to be that whenever I would stay the night at my grandparents house he would always make me popcorn. Another good memory is that we used to play school together, I was the teacher and he was the student. I always had such a great time teaching math to him, reading to him, and punishing him! But a bad memory is when I found out that this amazing grandpa of mine has cancer. I know he will fight through it but it is a very hard situation. He’s doing great right now, but doesn’t have much hope. I know he will be fine. I know he will be tough. I am praying hard hoping he will be okay. These are the memories I will never forget.

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A Picture is Worth…



Hi, my name is Sally and I am a Starfish. I have a major confession to make, I am very jealous of Samantha the Sea Anemone. She gets way more attention than me. To me it’s totally unfair because me being a Starfish, I should be the star of the sea not Samantha. Sam always gets more attention because of her tentacles. The humans around my home, Seal Rock always can play with her more because she doesn’t stick to a rock all the time and isn’t as hard to pick up. To play with Sam all you have to do is poke inside her and she will enclose. But with me humans really can’t be amused unless they pick me up which a lot of the time is very hard because my tentacles are strongly latched onto the rocks. I need to figure out a way to be at least equally popular with Samantha if not possibly even more popular than her. I want to be able to have as much fun with the humans as her. What can I do to make that happen?

My Oregon Home

Oregon… What can I say about this great state that I seem to be luckily living in. Well first off lets just say that Oregon’s weather may not be perfect like any other state, maybe California or Arizona, but one thing I love about it is that you can tolerate the heat because it never gets above 100 degress. It may rain, storm, hail, snow, maybe even be freezing cold, or if your lucky have some incredible sun time during the late spring or summer. But for every one of these conditions there are plenty of activities to do, you pick it. Some of the sports I love to do are, volleyball, basketball, and my favorite softball. Sometimes I also enjoy just going to see a movie or going to the mall.  Our state animal is the beaver. Which brings up a college that is in Oregon, Oregon State University their mascot is a beaver. That is one college you could attend to which is located in Corvallis. The other college you can choose to apply to is University of Oregon, their mascot is the duck. The University of Oregon is located in Eugene. I truly go all out for The Ducks as my college team to cheer for. They’re the best at least to me! The campus is also amazing at the UofO. The last thing I would like to mention to you is that if you like water I suggest going to Blue River Reservoir. Now if you feel like going fishing or even just floating the river I suggest the McKenzie River. But if it’s just that time of year where there’s no sun whatsoever then I recommend Splash at Lively Park or Willamalane Park and Swim Center. Those are some great indoor pools. Anyways, if you ever decide to visit another state beside your own or even country I think you should definitely come to Oregon!